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Should I sell my jewellery? My gold? My silver?

That’s a really good question!!

    When should you sell your valuable items?

  • When you don’t use them!
  • When you don’t like them!
  • When you’d rather have the money!

Let’s face it. The valuables that we don’t use become a burden. We have to hide them when we go on vacation. We take out safety deposit boxes to protect stuff that we will never wear or use. Polishing silver is a pain,and besides we’d rather have a trendy table than be stuck with the same silverforever, even if our “Aunt Bessie” gave it to us for a wedding present. When is the last time that you poured tea from your sterling silver tea set?

What about sentimental value? That’s really important. If your valuables provide you withwellbeing by making you feel connected to precious people and memories, and you decide that the upkeep is worth the effort, than you absolutely should keep your treasures. On the other hand, if they are a burden to you or you don’t like them, why keep them? Grandma left you her diamond ring to make you happy, not to encumbrance you. So use it to pay your bills, or to take a trip, or to buy that fur coat that you’ve always wanted!!

When you decide to sell, come and see me, Harold – The Jewellery Buyer. I make it comfortable, fast, and easy to sell your gold, diamonds, silver, and high end watches. I’m at your service!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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